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free no-obligation website design consultation

When designing your new website, our first task is to gain a thorough understanding of your business or project. That understanding ensures that we deliver exactly what your business needs at the right price. As registered consultants with Business Link, we are happy to provide a full 'no-obligation' consultation completely free-of-charge, use the form below to send us an outline of your website or click here for more information.

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First contact...

At that first meeting, we sit down with you to discuss the project and agree on all the parameters and functionality needed. If you have an existing branding and image, we can incorporate this into your new website. If not, we can originate a new branding for you.

We will agree with you how the website will function, how it will look and who your target 'audience' is. We also explain all the issues involved with having a successful website; from search engine submissions and website maintenance through to browser compatibility and expandability.

We will then send you a complete quotation which will detail exactly what we can deliver and the timeframe we will be working to. There are no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price we stick to.

Building your website...

Assuming you accept our quotation, we then begin building a website design for you which we post up at a secure web address (that only you can access) for your feedback. Once the website design and functionality is agreed we begin entering all the text, images and other content.

Finally, when the website is completed we upload it to your address. We provide first-class hosting facilities, ensuring your website is accessible 24/7/365. From that point on, anyone from the Space Station to Singapore will be able to view your products and services 24 hours a day.

Once your customers know you have a really helpful, easily-navigable website they will come back to visit it again and again. You can use your website to make special offers, discounts and promote customer loyalty schemes.

Don't forget, your new website may not just bring in new customers. It may also reduce your costs. For instance, many of our clients have made significant savings on their recruitment budgets simply by virtue of the fact that they can advertise vacancies on the website for free. In addition, unlike your new website, any printed catalogue is going out of date from the moment it is printed. Why not save money on your printed materials and be environmentally-friendly at the same time?

So, whether you need a simple one-page 'brochure' or a fully database-driven website accepting online credit-card payments, we can help...

Maintaining your new website...

Once the website is published to the WWW we don't stop. We provide ongoing support and advice after construction in order to deliver the first-class & professional image you deserve. We offer a comprehensive website maintenance package which covers you for:

We want to ensure a 'one-stop' partnership that will cater for all your web and IT needs now, and into the future. More than anything else, our work is aimed at reinforcing the strengths of your business' marketing and branding. For full details of our maintenance packages, click here.

Bottom line...

With your website in the hands of professionals you can concentrate on your running your business.

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