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So who are our 'typical' clients?

We have no 'typical' clients. Just like you, every one of our customers is unique.

We have well over 160 clients right across the UK ranging from small and large companies, as well as individuals setting up in business for the first time.

We have created an enormous variety of websites, multimedia presentations, databases and PC/network installations over the last eight years.

Recommendations and awards

Egenica is one of the few IT development companies recommended by UK Internet Service Providers. The focus of many press, magazine and TV articles, Egenica has recently won a prestigious 'Technological Innovation' award from Business Link and The Chamber Of Commerce for our updateable - yes, updateable - CD-ROM multimedia presentation and marketing tool, MacroPresentations.

In addition, the company has won a commendation from the Information Society e-commerce awards (sponsored by the DTI, Natwest Bank, British Telecom and the Daily Express) as well as the Excellence in Business 2000 Award from the Chamber of Commerce/Business Link.


After successfully completing a rigorous selection procedure, Egenica is proud to have been awarded 'Registered Consultant' status by Business Link and partnership with the last Government initiative 'UKOnline for business'.

Grant funding

Business LinkAs registered consultants with Business Link, we will be happy to advise you, free of cost, on any aspect of your Internet needs and (where appropriate) to point you in the direction of any Government assistance or grant funding. Depending on your circumstances and location, you may be eligible for grant funding towards the cost of those elements within the recently launched Business Improvement Initiative which are appropriate to your business. Call us today for details!

Please note

All mentions of clients, awards and affiliations before December 2003 refer specifically to our company which was until that date called Net Shop U.K. Ltd. All that has changed is the company name - the service is even better.


our history

  • Established in 1997 as Net Shop U.K. Ltd under which brand name we were;
  • Winner of 'Excellence in Business' award - 2000
  • Commended by the Information Society e-commerce awards - 2001
  • Winner of 'Technological Innovation' award from Business Link - 2002
  • Registered consultants with Business Link - 2002 (Net Shop U.K. Ltd), from 2003 as Egenica
  • In 2003 we rebranded our company as Egenica. The only thing that has changed is the name, the service remains the same.